Of course when investing into Pattaya’s property market, particularly when you are plannning to spend some time here, it is important to know where your local hospitals are, but also how good they are. We have listed a few for you below and provided their phone no.’s as well.

This particular hospital is widely regarded as being one of the better hospitals in Pattaya, if not the best! It is also the most expensive, so make sure your insurance works here as not everyone’s does.

The hospital is also popular for cosmetic procedures and despite being one of the more pricier of hospitals still manages to significantly undercut those found in Europe and America.

They have around 100 specialist doctors and well trained staff with more than 20 languages spoken and seem to have all the latest medical equipment before most other hospitals do.

Pattaya Memorial Hospital is located in central Pattaya and is Pattaya’s first private hospital which has been serving patients for more than 30 years now.

It is less pricey than other private hospitals and also specialises in cosmetic surgery, as well as many other types of surgery.

This is a state hospital and people should be aware of that before going here. The hospital is nowhere near as advanced as Pattaya’s international hospitals are and the service is typically much slower, with some painfully long waiting queue’s.

This hospital is great though for those that have travelled without medical insurance as the prices here are very low, even for foreigners.

This private hospital is also located near central Pattaya and aside from having the cosmetic surgery services, also has the following services:

  • Acupuncture Center
  • Dermatology & Cosmetic Center/Plastic Surgery
  • ENT Center
  • EYE Center
  • General Surgical and Urology Center
  • Hematology and Oncology Center
  • Neurological Center
  • Obstetrics & Gynecoloy Center
  • Orthopedic Surgery Center
  • Psychiatry Center
  • Radiology Center
  • Rheumatology Center

This is a well known chain of private hospitals in Bangkok that also have one in Sriracha servicing the Chonburi province. Sriracha is only a 20 minute drive from central Pattaya, heading north up the coast line.

The hospital specialises in many procedures, including cosmetic and many other types of surgery and general services.

This is another private hospital in Sriracha with a good reputation. The hospital is only 20 minutes away from central Pattaya and even less for those living in north Pattaya/Naklua.

This hospital also caters for patients requiring cosmetic surgery, as well as an Obsterics and Gynecology Clinic, Physical Therapy Department, Allergy and Asthma Center, Orthopedic Surgery Clinic, Internal Medical Clinics, Eye Clinic(Opthalmology), Emergency Department, Hermodialysis Unit, Dermatology Clinic, Surgical Clinics, Children Clinic, Wellnes Center and a Dental Clinic.