Pattaya wasn’t always a property and real estate hotspot. In fact, if we could travel back in time not much more than 40 years ago, we would find that Pattaya, didn’t even exist! The stretch of coastline between Sattahip and Sriracha only consisted of a few small fishing villages, which only existed due to the calmness of the surrounding sea and the protection it received from the headlands to the north and south, as well as the mountains located directly behind.

It wasn’t until the arrival of the Americans during the Vietnam war that saw Pattaya become more than a little sleepy fishing village, (no more than a 100 families) and you only had one way of getting there as there were only a few buses that went to Pattaya back then.

The local people were soon to catch on by setting up their own bars and restaurants to cater for the American soldiers, and selling them their local produce. They also set up guesthouses and offered fishing trips .Soon, visitors started coming down from Bangkok for weekends away, although the trip was a 4 hour journey on the 2 lane road.

The ’60 and early ‘70s saw the biggest growth in Pattaya as the US based military started spending their time off, in Pattayas growing entertainment industry(including one of the oldest profession’s we know).In 1964 Pattaya was elevated to the status of a village and by 1979 it was raised to that of a Teasban Nakhon(Municipality).

Pattaya today is now one of the first class beach resorts for over a million tourists a year from all over the world, boasting 5 star hotels, fine restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The Gulf of Thailand is considered one of the finest diving experiences in the world as well as having some of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia