Pattaya Property – Top Tips

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pattaya’s property market has become highly developed and sophisticated in recent years with the emergence of many large developers and literally so many new property developments that it can give the discerning buyer somewhat of a headache. The local media provide a good source of property listings, both for condos and homes in the Pattaya area. They also have some useful property advice for buyers wishing to buy a condo or house in Pattaya city or the ever expanding surrounding area.

We at Pattaya Condos & Homes provide our clients with a one stop service and can offer advice and tips in all property matters. Here are some general tips for starters:

  • If you are buying a house in or very close to central Pattaya it may have advantages in that you are close to all of Pattaya’s fantastic entertainment venues, as well as its plethora of wonderful restaurants, bars and shops. However it also has a drawback in that the cost of land these days tends to be very high, therefore giving you much less living space compared with a housing development located just on the city outskirts. Also, for those looking for a more tranquil setting, they should certainly consider areas south of central Pattaya as well as the east side of Pattaya were many property developments are still located within a 15 minute drive of central Pattaya.

  • The same can be said of condos in Pattaya as well. Those developers that choose central Pattaya for the location of their new developments will almost certainly have paid a small fortune for the land, and obviously this cost gets passed down to the buyers. Having said that Pattaya’s property developers have generally speaking priced their products quite well, making Pattaya a very attractive place to invest.

  • There are so many agents in Pattaya that they are nearly as easy to spot as a 7/11, however for the best and most professional service, please visit our office 50 meters before the end of Thepprasit Road just before it hits Thappraya Road.
  • Pattaya’s large property developers these days tend to be highly professional and generally provide a superb service with everything clearly explained to property investors (in English, Thai & Russian)…however please be careful that when purchasing either a condo or a house and make sure you know who owns the land and how it will be maintained, as well of course the yearly maintenance charges. This is particularly important when buying resale units from older condo or housing projects.
  • For those insisting on beachfront condos in the Pattaya area please be prepared to pay from 100,000 THB per sqm upwards. They are typically very high end condos with a really high level of quality and finishing throughout. However there are exceptions to this an example of which are:

    1. Beachfront Na Jomtien Condos, Eco Friendly and Low Density

    2. Beachside Condominiums for Sale in Bang Sarey

  • It is important to use a good agent. You are not saving money by going direct. A good agent can advise you upon your best options based on your allocated budget, preferences, etc… It is important that you choose an agent that is independent, and not one that is over affiliated with any particular developer and therefore very biased. We pride ourselves on being independent property agents and providing our clients with well informed, unbiased information.
  • A good law firm is always advisable, particularly when you are not buying from a trusted developer. Your appointed lawyer will be able to perform all the necessary due diligence checks as well as help you set up a Thai Company (if you are not buying a foreign name condo).
  • The Pattaya property market has been very buoyant for several years now and currently there is more property development going on now than ever before as the outlook for Pattaya seems to be very positive, with ever increasing tourist levels and expats from all countries; therefore making your Pattaya property investment a very safe one indeed.
  • Be careful of property scammers! There are a few out there ready and waiting to take advantage of investors without local experience in Pattaya’s property market.