Investment In Pattaya

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Over the course of the last few years, Pattaya property has been a desirable proposition for foreign investors, with the Chinese contingent being one of the leading players in the market. International buyers are showing an eagerness for buying houses, condos. With Southeast Asia including Thailand’s economy growing rapidly, investors are seeing that this is an opportunity to realise high returns. Statistics show that almost 90% of property bought by buyers in Thailand is by foreign investors. Pattaya is experiencing a transformation with a number of significant developments in progress, which is being serviced by some high profile real-estate agents.

Pattaya has become one of the leading destinations for tourism in the world. Its stunning coastline, nightlife and excellent places to stay attract many visitors, providing a considerable amount of hotel and apartment accommodation with a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities. The decision to buy is based on an economic and lifestyle one, with a vast amount of affordable housing opportunities to choose from.

According to figures published late 2017 Pattaya has attracted over 8 million visitors in the first half of the year. Not only is it one of the top tourist destinations it also offers vast investment potential worldwide. The government are investing heavily especially around the Eastern Seaboard area. Many tourists visiting sees the advantage of living in Pattaya, cost of living, weather, lifestyle, subsequently there is a growing number that decides to invest in a property or even make Pattaya their home. With the many advantages, Thailand has to offer retiring and living on your retirement income makes more sense.

Pattaya is working hard to change its reputations to a family originated City. There is a lot of private investment resulting in improved infrastructure, with many international schools, nurseries, hospitals. The beach has been upgraded, there are 2 waterparks and numerous other visitor attractions. As the number of tourists increases Pattaya city is well placed to increase investment in local amenities include transport networks.

As a major city, the land is readily available in Pattaya, unlike Bangkok, giving the opportunity for property house hunters to invest in affordable, houses, condos. Condominiums have seen a considerable rise in popularity and are a significant real estate trend for investors who are coming into the market for the first time, especially as this is available to buy outright for the foreign investor. There is a large contingent of expats from USA, UK, Germany, Scandinavian countries and Russia who have either retired or invested in a holiday home. The growth in the market had been boosted by strong demand from Thai buyers.

This is being matched by developers who are offering property retail and residential in some vital investment areas in Pattaya.

To capitalise on your investment, it is always a good idea to research and consider the local marketplace, you still want to invest wisely. This can be achieved by employing a local real estate agent.