About Pattaya

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pattaya City’ as it is now known, has seen many, many changes over the years. Starting its days as a quaint fishing village on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand.

Major global occurrences commencing in the 1960’s ignited the transformation of Pattaya into a haven for weary servicemen seeking a temporary escape from the harsh conditions of jungle warfare. The rest…as the saying goes…..is history.

This new millennium sees Pattaya fast becoming one of THE major property hotspots in Asia. With the insecurity of western economies, huge numbers of savvy entrepreneurs, early retirees, web based business owners, service industry personnel, etc are heading east for an ultimately, less stressful lifestyle.

Thanks to the new highway, it now only takes 80 minutes to reach Pattaya from Bangkok international airport, meaning that increasing numbers of regular visitors to Thailand no longer spend their time in the capital. In fact, traffic issues in Bangkok can make the journey from the airport to Pattaya EVEN QUICKER than heading for the center of the ‘Big Mango’. It’s now so much easier to do what most people do on their vacation….. ‘head straight to the beach’.

Well heeled Thais have twigged on too. Due to the new family oriented feel of Pattaya, Bangkok investors make up a large percentage of the real estate purchasers, knowing they can visit their holiday homes with their loved ones at weekends. The rental options are vast too. The trend is definitely heading more away from staying at a hotel, and towards ‘renting a nice place’. Therefore, a healthy return of investment beckons for the astute real estate investor.

International schools, world class hospitals, exclusive golf courses, cinemas, modern superstores, a floating market.……Even an equestrian center can now be added to the myriad of facilities and activities that Pattaya has to offer.

Since September 2017 the new Pattaya Klang underpass has opened, which is a very welcome addition to Pattaya’s fast growing infrastructure.  This has greatly eased the congestion often found in this location, particularly at weekends.

Soon to come there will be a high speed railway network that links Pattaya to Bangkok airport and the city itself.  This will reduce the commute time between the cities to approximately 30 minutes only!  Even more exciting is that the proposed plans are to connect to China’s high speed railway network.

Pattaya is already in the top 20 when it comes to the most visited cities in the world with a staggering 7.49 million international visitors in 2015!  This number continues to grow consistently every year and by the time more of Pattaya’s infrastructure projects complete then Pattaya could be looking to enter into the top 10 most visited cities in the world.